Here's the deal: many moons ago, all the major service contract companies decided it was time to squeeze more profit out of their relationships with auto dealers. They were already gouging the dealers for everything under the sun, so there was no...

Hey there! Welcome to the NADA 2016 recap. Yes, I know NADA was awhile back, but NADA 2017, or NADA100, is coming up in New Orleans in a few months. You should have had time to have gotten back into the groove of...

What’s the difference between Admin Obligor (AO) vehicle service contracts and Dealer Obligor (DO) vehicle service contracts?  This is an important question for all reinsured dealers to ask and understand.  The short answer is: it depends on what you, the dealer, wish to accomplish—and...

If you've been through the first two videos in the "What is Reinsurance?" series, you're probably beginning to connect the dots.  This video ties everything together with two things that you already know quite a bit about - retros - and money.

If you haven't...

So, your retro check is coming?  You're excited, aren't you?  And you have good reason: your old factory service contracts never rebated your dealership any money, and now you've got a check for $600,000 coming in your name! Life is splendid, right?


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