How is SideCars Better?


SideCars is deliciously unique in a lot of ways. We believe that auto and RV dealers have been abused by the “good ole boy” reinsurance providers of old. They’ve been misled, subjected to excessive fees (many hidden), and not given proper access to information. We’re here to change the F&I industry by providing a full range of reinsured F&I products for dealers, transparent and reasonable fees, and instant online access to monitoring and reporting.


Technology provides some huge opportunities for efficiencies, and these efficiencies provide huge opportunities for savings and additional revenue for auto and RV dealers. The majority of reinsurance providers prefer to ignore those opportunities. We don’t. It’s really that simple, but let’s look at the specifics of how SideCars stacks up against the competition. Sign up for the “How is SideCars Better?” series by completing and submitting the form on this page.