Theft Deterrent Plan

Safe & Secure

Our Theft Deterrent Plan offers you the following securities:


Deters theft and increases recovery by permanently marking the vehicle’s parts.


Uniquely designed labels are difficult to remove and will withstand the elements such as sun, heat, cold and moisture.


If removed, the labels will leave an indelible identification number on the vehicle body part invisible to the naked eye.


Window warning labels deter would-be thieves by letting them know that the vehicle is marked and registered.

Guaranteed Protection

Our SideCars Protection Limited Guarantee pays you up to $2,500 if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days.


SideCars Protection Limited Guarantees are insured by an “A” rated insurance company. (See the SideCars Protection Limited Guarantee for details.)


We use ultra-violet footprint identification that is virtually undetectable to would-be thieves and allows for rapid identification by law enforcement. If the label is removed, the unseen code still remains, and can only be detected by ultra-violet light.