Windshield Protect & Repair Plan

The Best Defense

Defend your windshield against the hazards of the road and avoid the repairs all together.


Our windshield protection process involves a product that chemically bonds to your windshield, ultimately creating a safer driving experience. Once applied, the protection product will not only strengthen the durability of your windshield, but will also reduce the glare and improve clarity by beading the water during the rain.


All defense and repair work is completed by certified professional technicians.

See Clearly

Roads can be dangerous for windshields. All it takes is one tiny pebble tossed into the air by another driver and your windshield is doomed.

Stars and cracks not only reduce the value of your vehicle, but they can also be dangerous if left un-repaired. They can crack further and impair the driver’s vision, or even spiderweb out ultimately requiring full windshield replacement. With our plan, you can avoid those costly expenses. It includes the following:


Day one coverage

Coverage available for up to 5 years

Safe and permanent repairs to windshield cracks and chips

Eliminated potential expense of full windshield replacement

Won’t increase your insurance premiums