No-Sale Follow-Up

How many customers walk out of your dealership without buying F&I products?


Finally—a proven method to improve your dealership’s Inverse-Penetration Rate.


Your Inverse-Penetration Rate is the number of people who bought a vehicle from you, but failed to buy an F&I product like a VSC.


Your dealership only sells service contracts to a certain percentage of the people who buy vehicles at your dealership—the penetration rate is usually between 30-50%.


Even if your dealership is uber-successful with your penetration rate—say, 69%—then that means 31% of the customers are walking away with no Finance & Insurance (F&I) products.


The No-Sale Follow-Up (NSFU) program improves your dealership’s Penetration Rate, and there is ZERO effort required on your part.  Plus, the No-Sale Follow-Up Program is 100% compatible with your existing F&I products.  No disruption needed.


What we do with this list is brand new to the industry.

SideCars No Sale Follow Up Animation

How does NSFU work?


Our call center will gently, and lovingly, follow-up with those that didn’t buy F&I products and let them know they can still buy a vehicle service contract.  For a competitive price, via monthly payments, with no interest.

The transaction can be completed in less than five minutes on the phone.

Our process is never pushy, but rather about educating the consumer that there’s a second chance.


You have complete flexibility on the pricing of your NSFU Program. If you’d like, we can even directly pay your managers the commission amounts you specify.


Our communication to the customers can even be “white-labeled” so that the recipient thinks they are being contacted by the dealership itself.

The NSFU Program’s coverage is the best available.

NSFU features an exclusionary Platinum vehicle service contract that has awesome perks like:


Roadside assistance

Trip interruption reimbursement

Rental car reimbursement

Realistic labor rate reimbursement

Nationwide coverage

Want to reinsure your NSFU contracts? No problemo.


This is definitely a bonus that no one else has even considered possible.


There’s no disruption necessary to the dealer’s existing products.


Whether you’re an agent or a dealer, we make reinsurance easy for you.

We aren't territorial.

Our NSFU program plays along nicely with whatever products are currently offered in your F&I.   This is great news for your dealership, but even better for the agent.  Agents are always looking for ways to get traction in new dealerships, and this is an ideal way to do so.  It’s an interesting product, that’s never been done quite like this, and it’s a win-win for everyone.  An agent could easily sign up a dozen dealers that they’ve never been able to breach before, and then create a handy book of reinsured business for themselves in the process.


And of course it creates an opportunityfor the first time in these scenariosto discuss all the other cool products SideCars offers to the dealers.

Want to increase your dealership’s Penetration Rate? We will contact you right away with next steps after you fill this out.

No-Sale Follow-up is available in 47 states!

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