SideCars Auto Dealer Reinsurance

The SideCars Reinsurance Program for dealer obligor dealers is the perfect wrap-around for your current dealer obligor service contracts and ancillary products.  You keep your current relationship with your DO agent, along with the same 100% ownership, 100% control, and 100% direction of your program.



  • Can create a substantial tax advantage for your premium (just like 401(k) accounts)
  • Can separate premium funds from Dealership, protecting the monies from abuse
  • Creates the ability to simplify the process of selling a dealership with active service contracts in force
  • You get investment advice from a Certified Financial Planner at a national firm
  • Can add SideCars Reinsurance to your existing dealer obligor program with no disruption
  • Easily transfer wealth or legally divide the pool of reserve funds to whomever you choose

Auto Dealer Reinsurance

SideCars provides a turn-key solution specifically for dealer obligor dealers, from beginning to end. You get complete transparency and the ability to see the status of your reinsurance premiums online, anytime. Last, but not least—our (very) competitive fees are straightforward and simple to understand.

SideCars: All the perks of the best possible dealer obligor reinsurance program, with none of the shady crap™. To get started, talk to your agent or sign up online at Want references or testimonials? We’ll get you a list.

*While reinsurance is a big deal, that doesn’t mean it’s a big undertaking. SideCars has distilled the process down to its simplest form, and we walk you through every step.



SideCars takes pride in being proactive and responsive to our clients’ reinsurance needs and questions.  We focus only on dealerships, and this singular focus will grow in importance as the IRS continues to research whether 831(b) micro captives can truly be used outside the automotive/RV/powersports industry.  Dealers will never have to worry about whether we’re distracted.

The Nuts & Bolts

  • Weekly Cessions

    Premium reserve funds due your insurance company are paid within 5 working days of our receipt.

  • Net-Net Remit

    Approved claims and cancellations are deducted from your current month’s premium remittance thereby eliminating accounts receivable.

  • Marketing Materials

    Our custom marketing materials and tools ensure that each customer is presented the products and services you offer.

  • Investment Team

    Trusted investment firms can assist you in maximizing your investment return on your premium dollars.

  • Reinsurance Company

    You own and control 100% of your reinsurance company.  We coordinate and manage reinsurance company formation, books, records, and annual charter renewal and tax returns.

  • Risk Decision

    You can elect to keep the risk yourself or purchase insurance to limit your risks to the levels you desire.

  • Taxes

    Your insurance company may qualify for tax treatments that would result in deferral of tax and/or lower tax rates.

  • Profits

    ALL underwriting and investment income is yours.

  • Claims Administration

    Claims administration provided.  Toll Free numbers and VISA card payment for transit repairs ensure customer satisfaction.


Trusted Partners

Wells Fargo SideCars Reinsurance Trusted Partner