Auto Dealer Reinsurance

You’re an auto dealer. You like the idea of reinsurance. You love the idea of creating a new profit center in your dealership. But you dislike hate utterly despise the concept of handing your profits over to a third-party reinsurance administrator, with no transparency and no good explanation for how your reinsurance premiums are working for you. (News flash: they usually aren’t.)

SideCars has the solution for you. Not only do we provide full transparency and disclosure, but it’s YOU that is the sole signer on your reinsurance company bank account. Not your reinsurance administrator. Not your service contract company. Just you.

There’s even better news: your SideCars reinsurance company bank account is really an investment account, located at one of the largest banks in America. You’ve got online access, and the ability to walk into thousands of branch offices if you really want the face to face meeting.

As you guessed, we saved the best news for last: your SideCars reinsurance company investment account is overseen by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Your CFP can provide guidance on the best investments possible for your reinsurance premiums, both earned and unearned. And in case you were wondering, SideCars doesn’t participate in ANY of your investment fees or gains. We stick to what we do best: dealership reinsurance.

All the perks of the best possible reinsurance program, with none of the shady crap. If you’re a fan of transparency, then you will love working with SideCars.