Who Is Sidecars?

Who is SideCars? Dadgum, that’s a loaded question!


We are a team of highly professional, highly intelligent players who love what we do, and we love how we do it.  We are interpreters of the IRS tax code who leverage our accounting expertise to the benefit of our dealership clients (who are shared with our agents, of course).


What we’ve done is distill the reinsurance process into a proven, repeatable practice that ensure dealers get the most underwriting profit possibly with their participation.  You are killing your legacy (and we classify is as first-degree murder) when you choose to only make a commission or retro off your existing program.

Les Olson

Les Olson

CPA, Owner

The brains and beauty behind SideCars. The Jobs to Edward’s Wozniak. In the summer of 1998, his hair ran away because it couldn’t handle the stress of living up to the world’s expectations of greatness. Les’s hair now lives in a trailer in southern Wisconsin with its wife and two sons. Pretty sure he will play in the PGA by the ripe young age of 80. Lover of life, games, and his motorcycles.

Garen McMillian

Garen McMillian


Pretty sure he held a black belt in Karate in his previous life but is still working to perfect his skills in this life. Volunteers A LOT. Has a giving heart. Garen brings his bad-boy attitude wherever he goes.

Aimee Taylor

Aimee Taylor


Aimee is the COO of SideCars. She handles much of the communication with customers, which is scary because we have to have her on a constant coffee IV drip or else she turns into a 9-foot tall She-Hulk.
Elissa Moore

Elissa Adam

Chief Customer Support Officer

In case you can’t tell, Elissa is very excited that we chose to have photos of ourselves on our website, and that we chose this photo of her in particular. Elissa also gets really excited about watching dangerous quantities of Netflix, but only on days ending in “Y”. She’s the only person on Planet Earth that can go toe-to-toe against Ed in video games…and losing is NOT an option for this girl. Elissa is currently a Crossfit fiend who takes delight in hurling large tractor tires like frisbees across random warehouses.

Ed Emanuel

Ed Emanuel

Eduardo was rescued from a Mexican cartel two years ago in exchange for his great programming prowess. He still suffers from acute Stockholm’s Syndrome, which explains why some places in SideKick are in Spanish. We are still working on translating those pages. Loves robots. Loves gaming. Loves destroying everyone at anything that resembles Mortal Kombat. Loves his family. Loves working at SideCars.

Vicki Mayes

Vicki Mayes

Vicki is a lake fanatic who is a kid at heart, and who loves spending time with her hubby on their party boat. She’s crazy about their daughter, Destiny, and does a great job of biting her tongue when it comes to shoddy high school basketball refs. (Ha!) When it’s not lake season, you can find Vicki either cheering on the Sooners or riding motorcycles all over the Midwest.

Jason Otero SideCars Reinsurance

Jason Otero

Jason is the whitest Mexican you’ll ever meet, and currently has the second-best beard/bald head “look” going on at SideCars. His nicknames alternate between Flash (because sloths ain’t got nothin’ on his reflexes) and Rockstar (from all those guitar gigs). For those Tolkien fans out there, he’s also nicknamed Aule of the Valar.

Joey Henson

Joey Henson

Joey is known around the office for his brazen confidence and boyish charm. He has no problem destroying you in a game of ping pong; or reminding you that he was born in the 90s. Super Smart. Very frugal.

Lacey Timochtchenko

Lacey Timochtchenko

Lacey is the resident accounting genius/nerd. Her genius can be found in her ability to handle hundreds of SideCars clients simultaneously. Her nerdiness can be found in her ability to recite up to the 60th digit of pi.


Who are we?  We are a provider of reinsured vehicle service contracts and other fully reinsured F&I products for dealerships all over the United States. And we are not like the others: at SideCars, we believe reinsurance is a freedom and right for every qualified dealership. This is about you, the dealer, fully participating in the transparent underwriting profits of your own products.  And if you’re an agent, this is about you gaining a new arrow in your quiver—one that is unique, profitable, and highly desirable to your prospect dealers.


Why should you care? Lots of reasons: money; income; profit; investments; moolah; premium; control; freedom; and competitiveness, to start.


Why do we do this? Why not follow the other reinsurance providers’ lead and suck up all those underwriting profits for ourselves?  For starters, we feel it’s completely unethical to screw dealers out of money that’s rightfully theirs.


Not only that, but we think (and are being regularly proven on this) that dealers respect administrators like us that understand and respect this about them first.  We believe every dealer—all 36,000 in the United States—would seriously consider reinsuring their F&I products if they only understood the true risk and reward.  (Disclaimer: reinsurance, even with the extremely price-competitive program we offer, probably isn’t for dealers that sell less than 40 cars a month.)


Okay, so what is it about us that’s so special?  For starters, we are experts in the dealer reinsurance arena.  We understand exactly what is possible and what’s stupid.  At SideCars, we study the tax code to understand the intent of both Congress and the IRS, and then we maximize its applicability to dealerships of all sorts: auto, motorcycles, RVs, and more.


READ THIS: We are very aware of the size of this industry (approximately $12 billion), and we are not greedy. SideCars is not interesting in hand-picking 200 gullible dealerships and sucking them dry.  What we are fascinated with is the idea that this industry it RIPE for disruption, and that we can return the power back to dealer principals who understand the power of participating in the underwriting profits of their vehicle service contracts and aftermarket products.


With Amazon, Vroom, Tesla, and other doing their best to strip the dealers of their role, it’s critical that dealer principals understand how to compensate for their front-end compression. And at SideCars, it’s clear to us that participating in the back-end is the best (perhaps only?) way to stay competitive.


WHAT ABOUT AGENTS? Well, glad you asked.  We just talked a lot about dealers on this agent.  You, dear agent, are a vital piece to this puzzle. It’s obvious to us at SideCars, and if you aren’t getting the warm and fuzzies at your current provider, then allow us to help.  Our agents earn competitive commissions, even while their dealer clients enjoy the best wealth-building possible.


How can we be AWESOME for both agents and dealers?  Simple: we didn’t revolutionize the reinsurance tractions as laid out by Congress and the IRS…we simply pay ourselves (as the administrator) less, knowing that what goes around comes around.  We are confident that by doing what’s best (transparency!) for both agents and dealers, then we are doing the best thing possible for SideCars’ success going forward.

More “W” questions:


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