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What does SideCars do, anyhow?


SideCars offers a full suite of reinsured vehicle service contracts (VSC) and reinsured aftermarket products like GAP, Limited Warranties, Tire & Wheel, Key Replacement, Paintless Dent Removal, Paint & Fabric, and Theft Deterrent.


Our reinsurance program gives dealers the maximum amount of control and ownership–and the result is the best possible F&I program for dealers. As a SideCars client, you fully participate in the back-end profits of all these products and gain a powerful profit-generating tool for your dealership.

Auto Dealer Reinsurance


Dealers love us because we create wealth for them. Agents love us because we enable them to be heroes, while maintaining their profits. CPAs love us because we’re CPA-owned, and speak their language.


No matter what service contracts and ancillaries your dealership is currently providing, SideCars makes it easy to switch. Your customers will notice a difference–for the better, because now you’re in complete control of exactly the kind of coverage you want to provide. Every SideCars dealership has its own customized VSC rate chart, making it easier to flexibly compete and still manage for profitability.

sidecars auto dealer reinsurance

What sets us apart?

Lowest Admin Fees in the Industry

3 ways an administrator charges for their services:


  1. Per contract admin fee. This is the only admin fee we charge you, and we are very competitively priced.
  2. Ceding fee. We include all ceding fees as part of our unique “all-in-one” admin fee—it’s never charged separately.
  3. Loss adjustment expense (LAE) charged on all claims. We will never charge you this fee to pay claims with YOUR OWN MONEY.

Complete Transparency

  1. Our custom technology provides you with a full accounting of exactly where your money is—at any time.
  2. We do not delay any of your funds.
  3. Our agreements have zero hidden fees or ‘gotchas’.

Control of the Money

  1. Use your own investment advisor, or use one of our proven banking partners to make the most of your SideCars reinsurance program.
  2. We negotiated the best possible investment policy statement, giving you more options for growth.
  3. We make it simple for you to take a shareholder loan for any purpose against eligible reinsurance premiums, using flexible terms and rates.

We’ve got the secret sauce.

SideCars Reinsurance Secret Sauce

What’s the secret sauce of SideCars?

The fact that we love what we do, and our passion comes through in your favor. We’ve spent a lot of time creating the best possible F&I program for both dealers and agents, and we’re proud of it. Have more questions?

The SideCars Dashboard App

Every customer deserves an app that makes it easy to locate the contracts and terms for the F&I products they buy.


SideCars takes it several steps further by giving your customers the ability to easily file claims and get assistance right from their phone. Lots of administrators have basic apps nowbut ours provides true value through two-way communication.


We’ve spent the last 5 years perfecting the best reinsurance reporting platform available.


Our custom reinsurance platform, SideKick, allows you to access full cession statements 24/7–there’s never any guesswork on your part.


SideKick also gives you an easy-to-read dashboard that shows you exactly where your reinsurance funds are at in the workflow. Our transparency into this process is unmatched.


SideCars is proud to partner with the only truly cloud-based contract rating software platform available: PCRS, from PCMI.

Let’s talk about our other products.

Service Contracts

Get protection against vehicle repairs after the security of the manufacturer’s warranty ends.

Tire & Wheel Protection

It may not be possible to avoid every road hazard, but it is possible to avoid their costly repercussions.

Service Lane Program

The SideCars Service Lane program allows you to sell your preferred VSC to your service customers. Our scanning technology allows you to quote VSCs to your service appointments in seconds.

Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is the most innovative way to repair minor dents, dings and creases.

Total Protection Plan (Bundle)

This cost-effective program is a combo of the most common, frustrating and often expensive vehicle repairs typically not covered by factory warranties or service contracts, including:


  • Tires & Wheels
  • Windshield Chips & Cracks
  • Dents & Dings
  • Lost Key/Remote
  • And More!

Windshield Protection

Defend your windshield against the hazards of the road and avoid the repairs all together.

Prepaid Maintenance

It can be hard to stay on top of all the maintenance that your vehicle requires. Let us help.

Limited Warranties

Our reinsurance expertise gives you the most flexibility possible. You choose the terms, the coverages, and how claims are adjudicated. Our limited warranty program is the best in the industry.

Debt Cancellation

If you have a related finance company (RFC), then debt cancellation can be a great alternative to traditional GAP—saving you serious money in fees, to boot.

GAP Protection

Our plan protects you from financial disaster, should a total loss occur.

Key Replacement

Car keys house features that we love, but these drastically increase the cost of replacing your car keys.

Interior & Paint Protection

Fabric | Leather and Vinyl | Paint

Theft Deterrent

Our plan deters theft and increases recovery by permanently marking the vehicle’s parts.

No-Sale Follow-Up

The No-Sale Follow-Up (NSFU) program improves your dealership’s Penetration Rate, and there is ZERO effort required on your part. Plus, the No-Sale Follow-Up Program is 100% compatible with your existing F&I products. No disruption needed.

sidecars reinsurance mobile

Who is SideCars?

We are a team of highly professional, highly intelligent players, who love what we do, and we love how we do it. We are interpreters of the IRS tax code who leverage our accounting expertise to the benefit of our dealership clients.


We are a provider of reinsured vehicle service contracts and other fully reinsured F&I products for dealerships all over the United States. And we are not like the others: at SideCars, we believe reinsurance is a freedom and right for every qualified dealership. This is about you, the dealer, fully participating in the transparent underwriting profits of your own products. And if you’re an agent, this is about you gaining a new arrow in your quiver—on that is unique, profitable, and highly desirable to your prospective clients.


We are experts in the dealer reinsurance arena. We understand exactly what is possible and what’s stupid. At SideCars, we study the tax code to understand the intent of both Congress and the IRS, and then we maximize its applicability to dealerships of all sorts: auto, motorcycles, RVs, and more.

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SideCars is available across the continental U.S.

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