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Our Team

Les Olson


The brains and beauty behind SideCars. Les spends many days writing out his inspirations in the format of sci-fi romance novels. Lover of life, games, and his Jayhawks.

Garen McMillian


Garen exercised his authority as CEO to hijack the writing of this particular bio, meaning that what you are now reading is even more full of crap than usual. Garen loves to read business books and then hawk them to unsuspecting friends and loved ones. He's perhaps the world's worst golfer, but will happily take your money in Scrabble.

Taylor Lansford

Chief Project Director

Taylor is originally from Oklahoma, which explains his pent-up desire to break rules and storm castles.  He loves to catch newcomers off guard with his edgy humor, so be forewarned. Taylor served as the captain of his college’s golf team, and gets a kick out of taking all the old guys’ money at random country clubs.

Elissa Moore


In case you can’t tell, Elissa is very excited that we chose to have photos of ourselves on our website, and that we chose this photo of her in particular. Elissa also gets really excited about watching dangerous quantities of Netflix, but only on days ending in “Y”. She’s currently ranked #2 in the world at playing Prison Architect, and probably spends too much time calculating vengeance on whomever #1 is.

Glen Luna

Office Associate

Glen is easily the best soccer player on the SideCars team.  When he’s not kicking tail on the field, Glen loves to impress his friends with his famous taquitos and knowledge of “bad words” in Spanish.  Fast facts: he hates heights, and is an avid fan of Black Mirror.

Holly Stone


Holly's expertise is wide-ranging and extensive--this chick loves cooking pasta from scratch while listening to either stand up comedy or Tool.  She also loves history, economics, politics, and all the other things that go along with being a little nerd. Speaking of which, her childhood nickname was Smallz.  She's never killed anyone (yet), although she's infamous for being intensely focused at the gym.

Michael Trentham

Office Associate

Michael is yet another video gamer who possesses an incredible amount of completely useless facts in his head about the dark side of pop culture.  What sets him apart is his love for great music (Steely Dan, anyone?) and the fact that he hasn't been in a fist fight since March of 2019.  Oh, and his unique sense of humor.  And we do mean unique.

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